Dominick Cruz Says Sweet Wonderboy Is Not The Same Person When Cameras Are Off

Stephen Thompson is not known for his trash-talking. However, a former UFC champion has come forward to reveal that all is not as it may seem.

Former bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz recently explained what he believes is going on with Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson’s media presence.

“Wonderboy” has grown a bit of a reputation for holding back in his interviews and press conferences. Usually on the positive side, the fighter strains from attacking his opponents during interviews, so that he may focus on his own mindset for upcoming fights.

In an interview with Best of MMA, the former champion provided some insight into why Thompson is nice within his interviews.

“With ‘Wonderboy’, it’s like he’s a super nice guy. But, I think he wants to let the jerk out, but he won’t. I think he wants people to like him too much, to let his real self out. I’ve seen real Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, when the cameras are off. He wants to be like me, in the sense of just let it all hang out.” Cruz told Best MMA. “But, I think he’s more worried about how people are going to view him.”

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