Current UFC Champion Still Living In A Leaky Basement, The Sobering Reality Of Quickly Winning A UFC Belt

Before her big title fight at The Ultimate Fighter 26 finale, Nicco Montano was living in a basement. The basement leaked when it rained and was hardly tall enough for the fighter to walk around upright. Since then, Montano has gone on to become the inaugural UFC flyweight champion with a unanimous decision victory over Roxanne Modafferi. That being said, it would appear that Montano is still living in her leaking basement.

Speaking to ESPN before her big battle for the flyweight title, Montano explained that her boyfriend and herself were making less than $1,000 a month.

“My boyfriend is a fighter too, and we were just training 24/7, coaching when we could. We were probably making, combined, less than $1,000 a month.

“We’re living in a rented basement right now. The windows are tiny. The walls are low. You hit your head on lightbulbs when you walk. And when it rains, water comes in.”

However, it would now appear that Montano is still living under the same conditions even though she is now a reigning UFC champion. MMA photographer Esther Lin has since come forward to reveal the news.

“Sobering reality, new champ Nicco Montano, won the prize money but having lived in poverty her whole life, doesn’t have the credit to rent a new place yet. do we know any rental agents/real estate in #abq that can help her out??”

So, while Nicco may be an actual UFC champion, she is not living in championship conditions. There’s no glamour here, and it’s a crying shame!

Can anyone out there help her? If so hit up Esther who seems to be looking for aid in this department.

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