Dana White Breaks His Silence On GSP Vacating The Belt … And He’s ‘Not Surprised Motherf’rs!’

Georges St-Pierre first vacated his welterweight title after deciding to take a lengthy hiatus from mixed martial arts back in 2013. Nearly four years later, “Rush” decided to make his return to the sport of mixed martial arts. Moving up in weight, St-Pierre challenged UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping for his title at UFC 217. The fighter would go on to choke out “The Count” for the middleweight title. However, things have not been going St-Pierre’s way since.

It has since been reported that Georges St-Pierre has vacated his middleweight title. The fighter is currently suffering from colitis and working to recover from the condition. Now UFC President Dana White has come forward with his thoughts on the matter.

Speaking to reporters at UFC Fight Night 123, as provided by MMA Fighting, White said:

“At the end of the day, there’s a reason I put that stuff in the contract for him to sign. There’s a reason. And am I shocked? I don’t think anybody is shocked. He came out, he hand-picked Bisping and then went away again. So, whatever, it is what it is.”

“I thought I would be (super pissed), but I’m not. I expected it. Listen, I had him sign a contract that said he would defend against Whittaker for a reason — because I knew he wouldn’t.

“He doesn’t want to fight anybody at welterweight. That’s why he fought Bisping. He didn’t want to fight (Tyron) Woodley, he didn’t want to fight (Stephen) ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson. He didn’t want to fight any of those guys. He wanted to fight Michael Bisping, and he did, and now he’s off again. So, listen, I’m not shocked, I’m not mad. It is what it is.”

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