Director Of Conor’s New Movie Critical Of UFC Champ’s Recent Behavior, Says He Has A Lot To Prove Now

UFC superstar Conor McGregor has been making headlines as of late. However, the fighter has been doing so from outside of the cage. Now Gavin Fitzgerald, director of the recently released documentary “Notorious,” has come forward to reveal that he believes the fighter may need to win back his fans.

McGregor made headlines for allegedly being involved in a physical altercation with members of the Kinahan crime organization in Dublin, Ireland. Before that, “Notorious” rushed the cage at Bellator 187 and entered an altercation with referee Marc Goddard.

Speaking to MMA Mania, Gavin Fitzgerald offered his thoughts on McGregor’s recent actions.

“It’s kind of unfortunate, like from, he’s making bad press headlines at the moment, in conjunction with the film. I guess he’s probably going through something, but, you know, I think Dana made a good comment, he did, about Conor, and him waking up making 100 million in the bank account, and him finding that drive to fight again, you know? I guess that’s unprecedented, you know? Like, he went into this game for a knock and a few quid, as he said, and now he’s absolutely loaded. I mean, it’s, yeah. I just hope it doesn’t get any worse. I don’t know much more than anyone else about recent events, but I hope he gets his focus back.

“I think the best thing for him is fighting, you know? I think at the moment, he’s only 29, he’s a lot to prove, a lot of records to break still. I mean, don’t forget, he’s already won two belts, he could easily win a third, so, there’s so much he can achieve still. And I’m sure he will.

“I think he’ll win the fans back, because he has some of that to do. I think he has a lot of people who are turning, you know? So I think he needs to win them back, and the best way for him to do that is to get back fighting, and yeah, to become focused again.”

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