Drunken Kung Fu Master Takes On MMA Rules Bout With Trained MMA Fighter

What happens when a Drunken Kung Fu Master challenges the Mixed Martial Arts in a real live match? This video feature answers that very question, and it’s a shickingy effective form of combat.

Drunken kung fu is a style of martial art made famous to those in the west by films such as Jackie Chan’s “The Legend of Drunken Master.” The style typically entails techniques that are difficult to telegraph or read. It elicits an unpredictable style of striking that allows for an unorthodox approach to combat.

The practitioner largely held his own in the mixed martial arts bout, though he ultimately was met with a loss to the fighter. The fighter quickly brought his opponent to the mat, sinking in an armbar for a hopeful finish.

However, the drunken kung fu practitioner made his escape from the submission and made his way back to his feet. After trading blows with the fighter, the man found his way back onto the mat and on the wrong end of a rear-naked choke. The practitioner lost by way of submission.

Here’s the entertaining replay: