Joe Rogan Weighs In On Controversial Transgender Boy Entering All Girl Wrestling Tournament

UFC commentator Joe Rogan

Ultimate Fighting Championship commentator Joe Rogan is about outspoken a public figure as there is these days. As such, Joe never shies away from controversial comments, on controversial topic, including this year’s transgender wrestler competing against females.

When Rogan saw the following article about a transgender boy wrestling women in a wrestling tournament, Rogan took to his social media, and he didn’t hold back.

Here’s the story that sparked Joe’s reaction:

Rogan had made it clear that he had absolutely no issues with the transgender boy other than the fact that he was grappling women all the while taking testosterone. Mack Beggs is a female making the transition to male, and Rogan broke down his view on the matter in a series of tweets which you can read below:

“I feel for this person and I understand the state won’t let her transitioning to him compete against boys but this is [expletive] for the girls.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that Rogan dove into this topic. Rogan talked about man-to-woman transgender fighter Fallon Fox taking on women in the cage years ago.

Is Rogan’s view on the subject controversial, or is he approaching this with logic? H