Eleven Songs The UFC Has Banned From Fighter Walkouts

When mixed martial artist enter the octagon, it’s a presentation meant to entertain. The fighter will often enter the arena to screaming fans, as they make their walk to the center of the octagon. However, sometimes things are not so intense. If the fight is one of the first on the card, then the arena may not yet be fully seated with fans. Or, the crowd may have been lulled by a less than stellar octagon performance from the previous fight. At any rate, fighters sometimes need a little more than the crowd for their walk to battle inside the cage. With that in mind, the walkout song takes its place.

Fighters are offered a chance to hear their favorite and most motivating music as they make their way to the octagon. As the fighter’s tune of choice blares out the arena’s loudspeakers, the crowd can be re-energized and pulled back into the experience. However, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) does not always approve of the music that fighters wish to have played. In fact, some fighters are simply denied the chance to hear their favorite song.

As it turns out, the UFC seemingly turns down quite a few music choices from fighters. Strawweight Angela Hill has decided to share eleven times she was denied the walkout song of her choice. Taking to Spotify, Hill created a playlist of the eleven songs that she was not allowed to play. For the most part, the playlist consist of music of the metal genre. From viking metal group Amon Amarth to the horror punk band The Misfits, it would appear that Hill likes her music a little on the heavier side. That in mind, the UFC does not seem to share her tastes.

Check out Hill’s eleven banned songs in the Spotify playlist below:

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