The First Ever Tornado Roundhouse Kick In The UFC Lands With Extreme Brutality | Replay

Earlier this year, when the UFC returned to London for a night of action packed fights, fight fans got treated the very first Tornado Roundhouse kick inside the UFC, and to make it even more impressive, the kick landed!

Lightweight Marc “Bonecrusher” Diakiese has quickly become one of the UFC’s most exciting lightweight fighters to watch, and not only did he land this impressive kick, he also scored a heart-wrenching first round KO finish over Teemu Packalen.

“Bonecrusher” managed to bring some fresh technique into the octagon, proving that Tae-Kwon-Do still has much to offer.

Watch as the lightweight swiftly lands a tornado kick on Teemu Packalen.

We hope you enjoy the hard to look away from replay!