Forrest Griffin Reveals Just How Cruel His Fans Can Be

Few fighters have gone on to cultivate the kind of mixed martial arts career laid out by former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin. Now a retired UFC Hall of Famer, Griffin put on some of the bloodiest and most brutal wars ever seen inside the octagon. The fighter’s octagon battle with fellow UFC Hall of Famer is often referred to as one of the most intense fights of all time under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) banner. With that in mind, Griffin has earned a dedicated following of fans throughout his career in the sport. One such fight fan recently decided to leave the former champion a rather brutal letter.

Taking to Instagram, Griffin offered a picture of a hand written letter that was recently sent to him by a fan. The letter goes into detail of some of the fan’s greatest memories of watching Forrest Griffin throw down. In the end, the individual asks Griffin to sign a card that was included with the letter. However, the card is not a snapshot moment of Griffin triumphantly defeating one of his foes. Rather, Anderson Silva can be seen flattening out the fighter as Griffin remains unconscious on the canvas.

Check out the brutal fan letter in the Instagram post below:

Kids today don’t give a fuck I love it! Got fan mail to sign nice card

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