Hague Family Enlists Legal Team, Suing City Of Edmonton After UFC Veteran Dies In The Ring

Tim Hague formed a storied career in combat sports. The fighter competed inside the octagon for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), before moving on to a short career in boxing. However, on June 16, 2017, Hague suffered his last match.

Hague faced off against Adam Braidwood in a boxing event back in June, suffering a knockout loss to the pugilist. Hague was rushed to hospital, as it was later discovered the former UFC competitor suffered brain damage from the boxing match. However, Hague passed away from his injuries on June 18, 2017.

Controversy has surrounded the ECSC’s decision to permit Hague to compete at the event ever since. The City of Edmonton initiated an investigation into the death of the fighter and the potential negligence of the ECSC. However, the investigation’s finding have yet to be revealed. Investigative journalist Mike Russell has since reported that Tim Hague’s family has retained the Assiff Law Office in pursuit of litigation on the City of Edmonton.

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