“Hick Diaz” Confirms He Did Bite His Opponent, And He’s Not Trying To Hide It

In last Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 123 co-main event, fight fans were treated to the return of Jason Knight, also known as “Hick Diaz”. However, the fight would deliver a new first for UFC fights, the first in-cage biting incident in the promotion’s history. Now, Knight has broken his silence and confirmed he did bite Gabriel Benítez, in their scrap, and he’s not trying to hide it.

Jason Knight says that it was not intentional, but that he believes he was fish hooked while going for a takedown, which resulted in his opponent’s fingers going right into his mouth.

The referee in the cage instantly halted the action and took a point away from Knight for the infraction, without warning. Knight would go on to lose the bout via unanimous decision.

Breaking his silence for the first time about the incident, Jason stated, “Yea I accidentally bit the dude this weekend, u put your fingers in my mouth I’ll bite them too , a fish hook is not a takedown defense.”

Take a look at the other UFC fighter’s commenting on the incident below.

Knight’s UFC fighting peers also chimed in on the incident.

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