Ian McCall Breaks His Silence On Getting Stopped By The Rizin Ropes

Friday morning, two-time UFC title challenger Ian McCall returned to action as a Rizin MMA fighter, and was cut by the ropes, causing a stoppage in his fight. Now, the former top ranked flyweight is speaking out on his unfortunate luck in a new statement.

McCall is the only man in UFC flyweight history to pose a threat to current and long reigning champion Demetrious Johnson. In their first meeting McCall an Johnson fought to a draw. This resulted in a rematch, where McCall ultimately lost.

The fighter then spent lengthy stints on the shelf, mixing wins with losses before being granted his UFC release.

In what was expecting to be his coming out party, back to form, McCall’s Rizin debut got cut short. (watch the replay above)

Now Ian McCall has broken his silence and discusses Friday’s loss on his social media.

Check it out:

Well I’m officially the unluckiest person the sport of mma ever … cut from Fucking a ring rope. Not the loud mouth cunt I was about to smash.

They are super hard LED piping. That coupled with the fact that in japan they don’t let fighters put Vaseline on our faces like everywhere does. That’s one stipulation I’ll make sure is in my next contract. We have to have it on our faces or things like tonight happen.

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