Joe Rogan Reveals The Perfect Solution For MMA’s Longtime Judging Problem

Ultimate Fighting Championship has had its fair share of main events end in controversy, and not always because of the promoter or the fighters inside the octagon. Judging in mixed martial arts has been a consistent enough issue to where the top names like Dana White and UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley are calling them out. However, it’s now Joe Rogan who thinks a change might be in order.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan sits cage side for all the action and is one of the more open-minded personalities in the business. When Rogan wants to solve a problem in MMA, it usually means someone will start listening. He explained his stance on the scoring issues below:

Taking to his Twitter, Rogan stated, “Open scoring announced at the end of each round is a possibility to think about. It would add drama if we knew a fighter needed to finish.”

Judges scoring has plagued the sport for years which causes controversial endings to many high-profile fights.

Joe’s suggestion would make MMA more like a basketball, baseball, or a football game. The points are on the board, and all players know what they need to do offensively and defensively in order to come out on top in the allotted time.

Would this be a good edition to our sport?

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