The Keaton Jones GoFundMe Raises $60k In Just A Single Day

Keaton Jones took the internet by storm when he offered a video of himself to the internet. The little boy revealed that he was scared to go to lunch at school because he was being bullied. The child’s classmates had poured milk on his head and stuffed food in his clothes in the past, leading Jones to make the video. As a result celebrities and athletes from around the world have been coming together to support Keaton Jones. That being said, pro kickboxer Joe Schilling has recently revealed something rather unexpected concerning the situation.

Schilling recently revealed that he had a personal text conversation with the boy’s mother, Kimberly Jones. Schilling then revealed that the mother was fronting a GoFundMe account dedicated to asking those concerned about Keaton Jones for money.

When Schilling was outraged by the situation, the mother made a racist comment to the kickboxer.

“What happened to us whites sticking together and helping one another against the predator?”

Schilling has since claimed that the mother has changed her official Instagram account and the crowdfunding campaign since receiving backlash for the incident. That being said, it would appear that the GoFundMe has earned quite a staggering amount.

A GoFundMe created by one Joseph Lam allegedly on behalf of Kimberly Jones for Keaton Jones has surfaced on the internet and has earned a staggering $58,000 through the service.

Kimberly Jones now has a PayPal set up on her official Instagram page for her son.

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