Masvidal Leaks Heated Text Fight With Bisping, And It Looks Like These Two Might Fight For Real

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has a history of trash talk and public confrontations with UFC welterweight fighter Jorge Masvidal. Just check out the video above for one of their many altercations. Now, Masvidal has taken to his Instagram and released a private text conversation between the two.

In it Masvidal goes in on the former UFC champion stating, “Hey hoe ass Mike Bisping, quit taking shit to me when UFC team n staff there n act like a man n let this 155 end ur racist ass, u punk bitch. U rip my flag n spit on Latin fighters corners, dammm right u won’t et in they’re with me u know am going to hurt u m keep hurting u. Not goin to knock you out quick He’ll no punish ur ass fo the disrespect u bring just sing pussy don’t run your mouth or run from fight. u had a chance to talk like men in private u chose to make scene in front of fans n UFC staff. U such a hoe.”

To which Bisping replied, “Fuck you little bitch. Get a life you sad fuck.” 

But that’s not all they said.

Michael Bisping and Jorge Masvidal hotel altercation.
An altercation between Bisping and Masvidal on fight week.

As this conversation starts out, it really appears as if the two are about to book a fight, but cooler heads prevailed and Bisping was the one who backed down. However, Masvidal still wants the fight, despite Bisping backing down, and has made this conversation public for all the world to see.

Check out Masvidal’s original post:

Prediction: Gets offered the fight turns it down
Prediction 2: All corny welterweights start calling on thy name ………..
1. I know a lot of you fighters grew up watching me. STOP trying to be me you know who you are…. this is to ww’s in particular 2. Stop being #corny
3. Enjoy this little #gem between me and @mikebisping #BackyardstoBrightLights
#gamebred #realisback

Of course Bisping just dropped his second straight fight in a month. First losing his world title to GSP, then getting KO’d in a last minute main event against Kelvin Gastelum at UFC Fight Night Shangai.

Kelvin Gastelum KO'd Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night 122.
The knockout blow from Gastelum put the former champ in rare space.

The former champion is only eyeing one more fight before calling it a career, and we doubt Jorge Masvidal is going to be it. Still though, what a fun feud between two real fighters.

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