Max Holloway Reveals What He Was Saying To Aldo During Mid-Fight Taunts

Fight fans were down in Detroit, Michigan on Saturday, Dec. 2, for an exciting night of fights. The world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion hosted UFC 218 inside the Little Caesars Arena for fight fans tuning in worldwide for the entertaining pay-per-view event.

Headlining the show, UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway earned a chance to defend his belt. Grant it, the fighter ended up facing an unexpected former opponent inside the octagon come fight night.

Holloway was initially set to go toe-to-toe with former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar at UFC 218. That being said, Edgar was pulled from the fight due to an injury. Former title holder and former opponent Jose Aldo stepped up on short notice to go another round with the champion.

“Scarface” and Holloway first fought at UFC 212. Jose Aldo was the reigning featherweight champion at the time, but Holloway held the interim title for the division. The two went to war with Holloway earning a TKO finish over the historically dominant featherweight in the third round. With Holloway having unified his title, the two went to war once again at Saturday’s big event.

Holloway put on a dominant performance over his opponent in front of the Detroit crowd, earning his second consecutive third round TKO over “Scarface.” During the fight, Holloway edged on his opponent with some trash-talk. The champion taunted Aldo into committing to energy sapping exchanges with Holloway. In the end, Aldo was gassed from the fight and Holloway got the finish. Now a new video of Holloway in the locker room after his big win has surfaced to the internet.

In the video, Max Holloway can be heard revealing what he was saying to Aldo during the fight.

“I was like, ‘Just punch me, come on. I dare you.'” Aldo said. “And, he wouldn’t. I was like, ‘Okay, you’re not going to fight.’ Same thing as last time…”

“I even told him good job.” The champion continued. “He jabbed me and I was like, ‘Nice jab.” He was like, ‘Thanks, bro.’ I was like, ‘You’re welcome.'”

Check out Holloway’s full statement in the video above.

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