Conor McGregor Denied Access to Exclusive After-Party In London

Conor McGregor’s recent reputation for causing problems in drinking establishments might be catching up to him. Because, despite his superstar status, club bouncers denied him access to a recent exclusive after-arty in London.

The UFC lightweight champion served as official guest to fashion icon Donatella Versace at this week’s European fashion awards, and he was proud to be among the elite to accompany the world-famous clothing designer.

The U.K.’s Sun reports that McGregor and his entourage were left out in the cold for more than an hour, trying to enter the official after-party for the awards show, at London’s exclusive Chiltern Firehouse. Though despite their patience, none of the men with Conor were granted access inside the party.

This latest event comes on the heels of a very public feud between Conor McGregor and the Kinahan Gang of Ireland, that reportedly saw McGregor walk into a local bar and assault two men.

In Bali, after his Mayweather boxing match, video also surfaced of a very intoxicated McGregor hassling fans as well.

Recently, Conor also assaulted an athletic commissioner at a Bellator event.

These could all lead up to the reasons why McGregor was not wanted at the event. He might just be becoming more trouble than he’s worth.

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