Angela Magana Showing Absolutely No Respect After UFC 218 Loss, Starts Clowning Cooper

The UFC’s most controversial female on their roster, Angela Magana, isn’t done with the war of words with her latest opponent Amanda Cooper. And, despite suffering her fifth straight loss in the cage, Angela Magana is showing absolutely no respect to Cooper after her UFC 218 loss.

Angela Magana is now most notably known for her very public feud with UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg. The UFC fighter went on an anti-cyborg social media campaign that got her punched in the face during the 2017 UFC fighter retreat as a result of her harsh words towards the UFC champion.

Still though, despite her controversy, the UFC booked her on the UFC 218 card against rising female star Amanda Cooper.

It was Magana’s first fight in two years, and she saw no success in it. She was dominated by Cooper in all positions, from the opening bell, until her ultimate finish in round 2.

After the dust has settled, and Magana has had time to reflect on the fight, she’s bashing Cooper on twitter, making fun of her name, and downplaying Cooper’s skills as well.

It’s an odd position to take for a UFC fighter, as most are typically humble in defeat.

Taking to twitter, Magana stated,  “It’s curious that I could get hit from Baby Pooper so many times and be up training Monday with no side effects but one punch from that dude Cyborg and…”

Magana then stated,  “I lost the fight but not the war. She had nothing on her feet for me, no submission skills, couldn’t knock me out, she over powered me(that’s an easy fix) and the ref was sexist  

Angela has also publicly disputed the stoppage in the fight and called for fair treatment for women in the sport, stating a man would have been allowed to keep fighting.

Here’s her original tweets:

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