GSP Just Posted This Photo Of A Young Dana, Calls It “Funny” To Look At

In an odd and cryptic post to his social media, former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre posts a dated photo of himself and Dana White, and calls it funny.

The former champion relinquished his world title yesterday afternoon, sending a shckwave through the UFC’s middleweight division.

“My fight at UFC 217 was one of the greatest nights of my life but I now need to take some time to focus on my health.’ St-Pierre said in an official statement. “Out of respect to the athletes and the sport, I don’t want to hold up the division. I will be giving up my belt and once I’m healthy I look forward to working with the UFC to determine what’s next in my career.”

This comes on the heels of the UFC finalizing a world-title fight between Luke Rockhold and Robert Whittaker staged for the UFC 221 main event in February.

Rockhold, the former division champion will take on current interim champion Robert Whittaker in the UFC 221 main event.

The UFC’s original plan was to place Georges St-Pierre vs. Robert Whittaker on the card. However, GSP’s recent statement has pressed the issue and forced a replacement in the form of Luke Rockhold.

Now, it appears as if St-Pierre might be taking a dig at Dana White, as many fighters before him have done. Because it’s not hard to see that the UFC boss once had humble beginnings as well.

The UFC President once had bad hair, bad clothes, and was a boxercise instructor, but times have changed for both White and GSP.

Check it out:

“Got this great pic from my UFC debut at UFC 46, it’s quite funny to look at this now!!! Have a great weekend everyone! Une très bonne fin de semaine à tous!” Georges St-Pierre said on his Instagram.

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