Joe Rogan Looks Shook In New UFC Released Footage Of Ngannou’s K.O. Of Overeem | Replay

Longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan has seen it all from the best seat in the house. He’s seen legends rise and fall, he’s seen monsters put to sleep, but he’s never looked so shook as when Francis Ngannou knocked out Alistair Overeem, at UFC 218.

Ngannou needed only a few minutes of the first round to put Overeem away in brutal fashion in Detroit.

Francis Ngannou has been recorded as the world’s hardest puncher, and it took him hardly anytime at all to prove that against his first elite-level opponent in Alistair Overeem at UFC 217.

Now, thanks to the UFC having every angle of fight night on camera, we can see Joe Rogan’s real-time reaction to the UFC‘s new heavyweight star’s impressive punching power.

Check it out:

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