Mom Deletes Keaton Jones Viral Video, GoFundMe Blocks Fundraiser At $60k, Following Racism Charges

In a surprising and unfortunate turn of events, viral bullied sweetheart Keaton Jones’ message has now been diluted with controversy following a reveal of what Keaton’s mother is really about. (See Video above) Now, after receiving worldwide attention from sports and celebrity figures, the poor viral kid is now under scrutiny. However, it’s not because of anything he’s done, but rather the conduct of his mother.

The mother has now removed her sons heartfelt video from her social media, and GoFundMe has halted all fundraising efforts for the young boy.

Schilling released some private text messages between him and the mother, that were racially charged. It was also revealed that the mom had been sharing photos of herself, and Keaton with a confederate flag.

In Schilling’s text messages he revealed their convo, “You just used your son’s pain as a platform. Really really sad, and it’s your son that will suffer SMFH. I’m no longer interested in being involved whatsoever. Shame on you.”

The mother replied with a racially charged statement stating, “What happened to us whites sticking together and helping one another against the predator?”

Joe Schilling lost it at this point, and cussed Keaton’s mom out, “You dumb cunt. I got a viral video for your dumb ass”

Now, after this very unfortunate situation has been exposed, the once touching story that saw many people come together for a great cause, has a dark shadow over

TMZ now reports inside details on the fundraising efforts, and how GoFundMe has blocked those efforts after all this news has come to light, the controversy has yet to end.

In TMZ’s report they state, There’s a big hiccup in online fundraising efforts for Keaton Jones — one GoFundMe page has been shut down altogether, and another’s on hold with nearly $60,000 unspoken for.

GoFundMe tells us the page labeled “Stand Up for Keaton,” which was opened 2 days ago, is no longer accepting donations. Since Keaton’s anti-bullying message went viral over the weekend, the page has pulled in $58,249 in donations … however the guy who started it is putting the charity on hold. GoFundMe says it needs to contact Keaton’s mom, Kimberly Jones, to ensure she’s the beneficiary … since the guy who started the page doesn’t know her. So far, the company’s been unable to reach her.

There was a second GoFundMe page, purportedly started by Kimberly herself which solicited money for Keaton’s Christmas gifts. Sources close to the situation tell us that was immediately shut down by GoFundMe due to fraud concerns — namely, whether it was really started by Kimberly.

Further complicating the fundraising are social media postings from the real Kimberly Jones. As we reported … photos of her with the Confederate flag and comments about whining “butt hurt Americans” have sparked an online backlash.

The guy behind the “Stand Up for Keaton” page even reacted, saying, “THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE MOM!!” He added he doesn’t know the Jones family, but just wanted to help a kid who’s been bullied.

UFC fighters who were once in full support of he special young man, are now questioning that decision following the latest allegations.

Here are some of their reactions to the Keaton Jones situation:

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