Several UFC Fighters And Ring Girls From Around The World Ban Together To Help Bullied Keaton Jones

Keaton Jones has being going viral as of late for a rather emotional video. As seen in the clip above, Jones reveals that he is being bullied at school. Speaking to his mother, the young boy explains that he is anxious to return to the school lunch. The boy’s fellow classmates have pour milk on him, as well as stuff food down his clothes. Since the video’s release, UFC fighters have been coming forward with their thoughts on the matter.

UFC President Dana White was one of the first to come forward and bring attention to the issue. The head of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is even looking to meet with Jones to show the boy around the UFC headquarters. That in mind, White is not the only person to come forward with a message for the boy.

Check out what many top UFC fighters and octagon girls had to say about the situation in the social media posts below:

I'm of a different mind set on Bullies. I grew up a tall, gangly, glass of water. So uncoordinated….. I'd trip over my own feet.??????. I started getting bullied Fast forward a little… I started standing up for myself…. "just because I was tired of getting picked on" One day I stood up for myself. Then……………. I did it again….. and again until my friends started asking me for help with their bullies. I got beat up sometimes……. but, I never cared. Then, I started winning…. Then…….I started hunting.???????. I'm not saying to go hunting, or advocating violence.I am however; advocating for Parents to take an active role in preventative bullying measures, by talking to your children, enrolling them in some kind of martial arts. #OneChampionship #Heavyweight #World #Champion #Verafied #AllianceGymPH

Posted by brandon Vera on Saturday, December 9, 2017

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