Myles Jury Impresses In UFC 219 Win Over Rick Glenn | UFC Results

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is in Las Vegas, Nev. tonight, Dec. 30, for UFC 219. The exciting night of fights is set to feature a fight card filled with riveting match ups. Among them, Rick Glenn and Myles Jury are going toe-to-toe for the Las Vegas crowd in a MMA war. Check out the UFC results below.

The fight opened up with Glenn getting taken down by his opponent, with Jury making his way to Glenn’s full guard. Still, Glenn was able to make his way back to his feet and start an exchange from the center of the octagon.

The fighters continued to measure each other out throughout the opening round, stunning each other with well timed jabs from time to time. Still, neither competitor appeared terribly damaged at the end of the round.

The second round kicked off at a much faster pace. Glenn took a leg kick from his opponent, but quickly pressured the fighter into the fence.

Jury attempted to take Glenn’s back from the standing position, but failed to get the position as Glenn went for a takedown attempt. Still, Jury was able to get the best of his opponent and slam the fighter into the canvas from the clinch.

Jury found himself in his opponent’s full guard, as the fighter began to pummel Glenn with some ground and pound in the final moments of the round.

Glenn opened the final round with a vengeance, quickly running down Jury and pressuring the fighter into the fence. Still, Jury was able to escape the position and enter an exchange with the fighter before entering the clinch once again.

Halfway through the round, Glenn continued to control the center of the octagon as the fighter pressed the pace against Jury. But, Jury constantly offered some tough counters to his opponent’s strikes.

In the final minute of the fight, Glenn and Jury began to exchange with a flurry of strikes before Jury managed to take his opponent to the ground. This one has gone the distance.

UFC Results Myles Jury def. Rick Glenn via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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