Nate Diaz Told Fighters To Ask Him Nicely, And Gokhan Saki Has Answered That Call

UFC Star Nate Diaz.

UFC mega-star Nate Diaz recently did an interview and let the world know what it’s going to take to get him back in the UFC’s Octagon. Now, UFC light-heavyweight Gokhan Saki has answered the call, and asked Nate nicely.

I’m not fighting because I am a fighter., ” Diaz said in a recent interview. “You’re fighting because someone’s telling you to fight. I’ll fight whenever the f**k I wanna fight. That’s because I’m a G, n**ga, I’m a fighter myself. I ain’t trying to do what nobody says, I’ll do what I say. And I will fight when I’m approached respectably.”

“I don’t need to fight nobody. I’ll fight anybody, but I don’t need to fight anybody. And the fighters are like, ‘He’s not a fighter,’ I’m like, it sounds like you’re being manipulated into trying to manipulate me into getting into a fight. Guess what? You work for somebody; I work for me. Who’s the fighter now, motherf**er?”

Diaz said maybe if they’d ask nicely he might be a bit more motivated.

“Ask nicely, motherf**ers. Ask nicely. “I’m talking about the organization, the fighters. And make it a big deal, because I’m not trying to just sign a contract just because it’s a good idea for you guys.”

“Time will tell. I don’t know right now. There’s talk. They (the UFC) call me, we talk about things, but I think what’s happening is they want me to ask, and beg, and I don’t need nothing from nobody. I don’t need nothing from anybody.”

That leads us back to Gokhan Saki, who has done just that in the form of a letter addressed in a Tweet.

Check it out:

“Dear Diaz @NateDiaz209 ,

We would really love to see you fight again brother. Could you please come back.

Kind regards,

The Rebel.”

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