New First! Fighter Does A Cartwheel Punch And KO’s Opponent With It | Replay

At a recent mixed martial arts event, one fighter seemingly tamed gravity to his will in order to earn a dazzling and unorthodox knockout finish over his opponent. Now a brief replay of the stunning moment is available for all to see is making the viral MMA news.

Soufian Haj Haddou shocked Düsseldorf, Germany on Saturday night, Dec. 16, when the fighter faced off against Marcel Jedidi at GMC 13. Haddou found himself in a dominant position in the first round, as Jedidi was dropped to the canvas and seemingly in need of a rest. Haddou decided to take advantage of his position over his opponent by leaping across Jedidi’s legs and midsection to land a fight ending knockout punch.

The move was similar to a Superman punch, but certainly unorthodox in its delivery. The fighter moved in a fashion more similar to a cartwheel than anything, making for perhaps one of the year’s most unexpected finishes.

Check it out below:

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