Now We Have Video Of Gabi Garcia Missing Weight, And Her Pissed Off Opponent Won’t Stop Talking Smack

Brazilian female Jiu Jitsu champion Gabi Garcia weighed in for her return to MMA action under the Rizin banner today, and she came in at a staggering 26 pounds overweight. Now, we have video of the moment, including her 53 year old opponent’s live reaction, and she’s not pleased.

Her opponent, Shinobu Kandori was infuriated, and rightfully so. Because not only did she agree to fight a bigger opponent, now she faces a much bigger opponent, and fighting is dangerous.

Initially, Rizin president stormed the weigh-ins stage and said it would be unethical for the fight to continue. However, according to the reports on twitter, cooler heads have prevailed and the highly anticipated grudge match will go on as planned.

Yesterday video surfaced prior to the weigh ins of a scuffle between the two female athletes. Now, these two will get to settle their differences at the Rizin Fighting World Grand Prix 2017, On December 29, at the Saitama Super Arena, in Saitama Japan.

Here’s the Twitter reports:

#RizinFF Update: Gabi Garcia was 12 kgs over. Opponent Shinobu Kandori freaked out and started yelling “this is a disgrace”. Sakikibara came on stage and said “competitionwise, we cannot make this happen.” Stay tuned.

Gabi Garcia vs Kandori will still happen. Rizin prolly got a slush fund to offer fighters a lil extra for taking fights under these circumstances. Tomorrow night Kandori’s gonna be Scrooge McDuck rich. #RIZINFF

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