Both Nunes And Cyborg Change Their Tunes, Are Down To Fight Next

In an odd development between the world’s two top Brazilian female fighters, both Cris Cyborg and Amanda Nunes have had a change of heart, in regards to fighting each other. In new separate statements, the two UFC champions now say they will fight each other, something that was once off the table for both proud Brazilians.

Initially it was UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg who half-heartedly said she wouldn’t want to fight the UFC bantamweight champion in Nunes. But now, after team Nunes said they want the fight, Cyborg says she would be O.K. with the matchup if that’s what was next. This contradicts her earlier statements, refusing to take on the champion of the division below her.

In a new statement, Cyborg said, “I don’t agree with this fight. I think we could each just stay with our belts, representing Brazil. I wouldn’t like to fight another Brazilian. I always rooted for Amanda. But if it’s something she wants, and her coach wants, I’m ready to fight.

“If it happens, OK. I’m here to fight and whatever the UFC wants. Who knows? The fans will be divided on fight night, but it’s our job.”

And now, Amanda Nunes’ camp has issued the following statement as well,

“We have the utmost respect for Cyborg and Holm, it’d be a great fight with either one. But we believe Amanda could be champion in both divisions, because she has all the tools for that. She is an extremely well rounded fighter and has been showing that she does deserve to face the winner. That’s our main focus for 2018.”

“Of course we know she has no way to defend two belts,” he continued. “But that decision would be taken after her fight against the Cyborg vs. Holm winner.”

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