Rare Candid Backstage Footage Of Nick Diaz Giving Advice To Nate, And It’s Intense And Fascinating

Nate and Nick Diaz are one of MMA’s biggest enigmas. They’re hard to crack or get a beat on, but every once in a blue moon we get a glimpse behind the curtain. In this rare candid backstage footage we get to watch Nick Diaz silence his brother Nate’s concerns while he gives fascinating advice to his younger brother.

This video that just surfaced on the world wide web appears to be from before Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor had their first fight at UFC 196.

It’s from the UFC on FOX event that put Nate Diaz on the map following his win over Michael Johnson. The two brothers discuss the post-fight strategy to call Conor McGregor out, and what they can expect to happen next, despite Nate “F*cking up” his post fight speech.

The speech wet viral, and even though the FOX production crew bleeped the majority of it out, Nate’s words ended up getting him the Conor McGregor fight, not once, but twice, and the two fighters would go on to set the record for the #1 and #2 UFC pay-per-views in history.

Looking back, this is the moment, and the mindset that started it all, and it’s fascinating.

Enjoy the video in the player above.

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