RDA Fires Back, Destroys Irrelevant Colby Covington, Following Colby’s Latest Insults

You would think taking former welterweight champion Robbie Lawler would earn you a level of respect from your fighting peers, but not when we’re talking about Colby Covington. Covington used RDA’s win over Lawler at UFC on Fox 26 to blast the Brazilian fighter. However, RDA is firing back and winning today’s internet.

Despite his dominant performance, welterweight antagonist Colby Covington was not impressed, and he said as much in a post fight statement.

“Sad performance by the JV Squad on FOX for #UFCWinnipeg.” Covington stated. “RDA couldn’t even finish a broken old man! Tyrones faking injuries. I’m here to make this division great again. @RdosAnjosMMA step up and defend that #dump you call home & fight me for the interim title you #FilthyAnimal”

Now, taking to the post fight media rounds, former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos issued a response to Covington, and the former UFC lightweight champion didn’t hold back in his response.

When the media asked RDA what he thought of Colby’s remarks, the former champ stated, “I have no comments about this guy. That guy has 6,000 followers on Twitter.”

And while this is a bit of an understated figure, despite all his noise, Covington only has a mere 18,500 Twitter followers, just north of 10% of the former champion in RDA.

Rafael dos Anjos was able to decisively beat a very dangerous opponent in Robbie Lawler. It was so decisive in fact, that despite a valiant effort, Robbie Lawler didn’t earn a single round on any of the judges scorecards.

This latest win puts RDA on a three-fight winning streak as a UFC welterweight, and the decision to move up appears to have been a good one.

RDA now expects UFC president Dana White to live up to his word and give him a title shot against champion Tyron Woodley.

Woodley however, was less than impressed with the performance from the former lightweight champion, and on the UFC on FOX post-show, he called into question the cardio and fight IQ of RDA. Though he did give the man credit for his destruction of Anthony Pettis as a lightweight, the current welterweight king emphatically predicted he would knockout RDA should the two ever meet inside the cage.

Woodley was expected to undergo shoulder surgery this upcoming week. However, the former champ declared that the UFC and his division needs him right now, and is likely going to put that surgery on hold for a return to the UFC cage.

If all things hold true, that means RDA vs. Woodley for the UFC welterweight title might happen sooner, rather than later.

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