Replay! Watch Max Holloway Dismantle And Brutally Finish Aldo In The UFC 218 Main Event

UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway was able to repeat history in Saturday’s UFC 218 main event against Jose Aldo. Just like in their fist fight, Holloway was able to put a finish to Aldo in round three of their main event title fight, from the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, and it was nasty!

Holloway and “Scarface” first faced off at UFC 212. Holloway unified his interim title with a stunning TKO finish over Aldo. The fighter was then set to face Frankie Edgar in the original UFC 218 headliner. However, Edgar was pulled from the match up due to an injury. As a result, Aldo  stepped up on just two-weeks notice, and the result was much of the same.

Aldo was able to put together a vintage performance in the opening round, utilizing his infamous leg kicks much like his WEC days. The former champion started to fatigue in the second, and he was drowning in round three where he ultimately got finished with Holloway punches.

It was an amazing fight, while it lasted, and it cemented Max Holloway’s title reign, having not lost since in 12 straight fights. Holloway would have a longer winning streak, but he ran into Conor McGregor on his way up the ranks and McGregor was able to take him out, like he does everyone else.

That McGregor fight will always loom over the Hawaiian’s head, but Saturday night’s performance helped prove he’s worthy of a UFC belt, despite never winning it in a fight against Conor.

The UFC on FOX crew offered a breakdown of the night’s main event, and included some amazing highlights of the UFC 218 main event.

Check it out:

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