Rowdy Bec Wins Today’s Internet, With Her Message To D*ck Pic Sending Fans

Fighters often aspire to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). After all, the UFC has earned the moniker of the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion. As a result, the promotion has become to many of the world’s most talented athletes, toughest fighters and most dedicated fans. With that in mind, fighters in the UFC still have to deal with unruly fans from time to time. The female competitors on the promotion’s roster arguably receive the brunt of the burden. Now MMA warrior Bec Rawlings has decided to come forward with a message on the subject.

Rawlings often takes to social media to keep her dedicated following of fight fans up to date on her latest training and adventures. However, every now and again, the fighter receives rather inappropriate messages in return from fans.

The fighter allegedly suffers sexual harassment for her UFC fighter status through social media, as anonymous fans send the fighter nude photos of their genitalia. Taking to Instagram, Rawlings had the following message concerning the topic:

“random d*ck picks are like when your pet brings you dead animals as a gift because they think it’s a nice gesture.” Rawlings posted alongside her Instagram statement. The fighter said “They don’t even send the pretty kind either.” – “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings.

Check out the original message in the Instagram post below:

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