Tyron Woodley Finally Able To Keep 25 Year Old Promise To His Mother With Christmas Miracle Gift

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has put on an entertaining career in the sport of mixed martial arts. The fighter quickly made his way up the rankings of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s division with stunning victories over talented competitors of the sport. Now the reigning champion, Woodley has earned an impressive professional record of 18-3. While the UFC welterweight title was surely a goal long time coming for the champion, Woodley achieved another remarkable feat over the holidays this year.

With Christmas for 2017 having now come to a close, many UFC competitors are coming forward on social media to discuss their holiday experiences. The 35-year-old welterweight champion has decided to take to Instagram to reveal the phenomenal gift he offered his mother.

Woodley revealed in the Instagram post that he promised his mother a new home when he was a child. For Christmas this year, Woodley made good on his promise and purchased his mother a new house.

“Told my mom at 10yrs Old I would buy her a house! This is a my most memorable Christmas I @mommawoodd cashes in on a 25yr old Promise! #GodIsAmazing #AlmostGotMe #Allergies” – Tyron Woodley

Check out Woodley’s emotional reveal of his mother’s new home in the Instagram post below.

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