Jason Knight First Fighter To Bite Opponent In The Cage, Loses To Gabriel Benitez | UFC Results

UFC featherweights Brian Ortega and Cub Swanson are gearing up to face off inside the Save Mart Center in Fresno, Calif. on Saturday night, Dec. 9. The two fighters are headlining the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s big MMA fight card for UFC Fight Night 123. That being said, the Save Mart Center has a few more exciting fights left to feature before the night’s headliners enter the octagon. Now it’s time to take a look at the UFC results for the latest match up to go down on tonight’s entertaining main card.

Featherweights Jason Knight and Gabriel Benitez are throwing down for the Fresno crowd, as the night closes in on the featured main event of UFC Fight Night 123.

Benitez kicked off the night’s co-main event at a furious pace, but Knight was quick to retaliate with some bombs from his right hand. However, the fight faced a sudden and momentary halt. After Benitez complained about a pain on his hand, the referee deducted a point from Knight for allegedly biting Benitez’s hand.

With the fight back on, Benitez went on to take his opponent to the ground. But, Knight was quickly able to jump back to his feet without taking any serious damage.

With one minute left in the round, Knight and Benitez began to trade powerful shots from the standing position. Knight attempted a takedown on his opponent, but Benitez was able to stuff the attempt. It was seemingly a dominant round for Benitez, as Knight suffered a point deduction.

The second round kicked off with Benitez staying busy at a steady pace. Knight slammed his opponent into the canvas with a well timed takedown. However, Benitez was able to shoot back to his feet.

Midway through the second round, Benitez appeared to still be fresh. The fighter continued to walk down Knight and hit the competitor with powerful bombs. However, the fight suffered another unexpected halt. After Knight accidentally poked his opponent in the eye, the referee halted the contest to have the doctor check on the health of Benitez.

With the fight once again back on, Benitez slammed Knight with a front kick. In the final minute of the round, the two fighters traded shots for the Fresno crowd.

Benitez opened the final round with a nice head kick over his opponent. Knight offered a right hand in retaliation, but Benitez continued to control the pace with his higher frequency of strikes.

Midway through the final round, Knight tried to take down his opponent but failed to get Benitez to the canvas. Instead, Benitez offered another flurry of strikes to the fighter.

UFC Results: Gabriel Benitez def. Jason Knight via unanimous decision

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