UFC Fighters React To Colby Covington Ruining Star Wars, And No One Is Pleased

UFC’s Colby Covington ruined the just released Star Wars film by Tweeting out the film’s ending to everyone who follows him. Now, we have a few UFC fighter reactions and no one’s happy about it.

It’s a cold move during the holiday season, one that has absolutely infuriated thousands of fans across the globe.

The Star Wars film franchise is one of the most successful in movie history. This year, Lucas Films opted on a holiday release for the latest in the series. Without question, millions of fans around the world have been eagerly anticipating this day.

Everyone knows you don’t spoil movies, especially if you’re a public figure. You have to let fans be fans and respect them.

Now here’s those fighter reactions:

“Ladies like to f*ck jedis tho”

“DUDE… forget the title shot you’ll never get, for tying to spoil #starwars im gonna drop to 170 to beat your boring ass.”

“he’s gonna be a pos I’ll whoop him for free”

“You know you’re an asshole if you can piss off @smilensam get em bro”

“You mess up my #starwars you will feel pain. #sniper”


“You’re a fucking asshole and this is coming from a long time fan.”

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