UFC Fighters React To New Information On Keaton Jones Mom’s Questionable Behavior

Keaton Jones took the internet by storm when the little boy featured in a new emotional video. After being picked up early from school, Jones revealed to his mother that he was afraid of going back to lunch at school. Jones was being harshly bullied by his classmates, as the boy had milk poured on him and food stuffed in his clothes in the past. Since the video of Jones’ message has hit the internet, celebrities and athletes have been taking to social media to lend their support to Keaton Jones.

However, professional kickboxer Joe Schilling recently revealed a private text conversation had with Jones’ mother. Schilling went on to explain that Jones’ mother was fronting a GoFundMe campaign that was aimed to allegedly take advantage of her son’s sudden internet fame. The GoFundMe has since been removed, but the backlash from the news is still heating up. During their text conversation, Jones’ mother also made a racist comment to Schilling.

She said, “What happened to us whites sticking together and helping one another against the predator?”

Here is a look at what some UFC competitors had to say about the recent news down below:

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