A Champ Is Crowned, Montano And Modafferi Go To War In Short Notice Title Fight | UFC Results

The UFC Results from “The Ultimate Fighter 26” Finale from Las Vegas tonight were historic as the promotion crowned their first ever UFC flyweight (125lbs) champion.  The UFC had only had bantamweight and strawweight divisions so the addition of the flyweights is a welcome addition to many of the UFC females.

The finale was supposed to feature Nicco Montano taking on Sijara Eubanks, but Eubanks was pulled from the card due to medical reasons at the last minute. Her loss was Roxanne Modafferi’s gain as she now has the opportunity step in and become a UFC world champion.

In round 1 Modafferi was able to use distance and takedowns to secure what is likely the nod on the judges scorecards. Roxanne did good work from guard and landed wil on her feet. The pucing stats have Roxanne edging the advantage.

In round 2, Roxanne opened up strong with a solid takedown and more ground work, but Nicco was able to get back up and jeep the bout on the feet. At the midway point of the frame it was even. And you can tell, the UFC newcomer was starting to settle in. Roxanne secured a takedown with one minute left, but got caught in a Montano triangle, but Nicco unable to finish it.

In round 3 the pace visibly slowed, but it’s pretty even as the two women continued to give it all for the UFC world title. At the midway point, Roxanna is bloody, and we’re reminded that she took this fight on short notice as she starts to fade. Nicco is definitely the aggressor in the third and Roxanna in on her bike, using movement and circling around the outside. They stand and trade with seconds left, and this should be the first clear cut round for Nicco.

Roxanne lands a solid right hand in round 3

In round 4, Montano opens it up with a big bunch that drops the MMA veteran, but Roxanne is mostly unfazed and springs right back up. Both women bloody now after they both trade several punches, but Nicco is the more fluid and polished striker and it’s starting to show. Roxanne tries to get the takedown from clinch, and she stays with it, but Nicco’s defense it too solid. Nicco continues to pressure and she seems just too much for Roxanne. Modafferi lands a big punch and hurts Nicco forcing Nicco to take her own and work from guard. That’s Roxanne’s world though and she stays fundamentally strong in the grappling exchanges. It’s another close round and this is anyone’s fight.

In the final championship round, Montano is nothing but determination as she keeps the pressure on Roxanne. “Roxy” doesn’t give in though and at the midway point she comes on strong, landing big strikes, and throws up a tricky takedown to submission combo, but it doesn’t work and she winds up on bottom again. A minute left in the fight and the MMA pioneer is stuck under Nicco. She throws up an arm bar with 30 second left and it’s tight. Nicco slips out right when it looked like it was locked. The two get back up to their feet and slug it out until the final bell.

And we go to the judges.

UFC Results:

Nicco Montano def. Roxanne Modaferri via unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46, 49-46)

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