Video: Diaz Brothers Release How Far Canada’s Commission Will Go To Protect GSP, And It’ Deplorable

With the recent return of Georges St-Pierre, it would appear that some old footage has come with him. A video has recently been published that sheds some light on a “off the record type of thing” concerning GSP’s bout with Nick Diaz back at UFC 158. The Diaz brothers camp was made aware that GSP was getting special treatment ahead of Nick’s UFC title fight, and they recorded the meeting with Canadian commissioners, the details of which are pretty shocking.

The video features a man discussing weigh-in rules with Nick Diaz and his crew during the weigh in. The man explains to Diaz that Georges and himself are going to be given an extra hour to make weight for the main event.

“For most fights they don’t allow a second weigh-in.” the man explained. “Here, they are going to allow you and Georges to have an extra hour.”

After delving into the situation, the man mentioned that each fighter’s weight will be rounded down. “The good news is that they don’t count the decimals.” A fighter weighing 170.9 lbs will thus be considered as making weight for 170 lbs.

St-Pierre would go on to defeat Diaz by way of unanimous decision.

Here’s the video:

Of course, GSP recently returned to action, defeating Michael Bisping to become a two-division world champion. He then vacated the belt 31 days later.

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