Years Ago, D.C. Was Forced To Face A Real-Life Bully, And Now His Bully Has Reached Out To Him

Daniel Cormier

Back in the day UFC champion Daniel Cormier was forced into a real-life Bully vs. fighter scenario, and didn’t pass up the opportunity to serve up some justice. Justice was served and both men went about their business.

Fast forward to modern day, and Cormier was working as a color commentator in one of his many new roles with the UFC. While doing his commentary duties, Cormier heard a man screaming his name claiming to be the bully he had faced in the past.

Cormier breaks it down:

“I was once on a show called bully beatdown at the beginning of my career and I fought a guy named Tyler. Last weekend in Brooklyn I hear someone yelling D.C hey DC it’s me Tyler you kicked my ass on bully beatdown lol. So I had security let him down to take a photo. He actually told me the show helped him. Great seeing you bud! You look like you’re doing well. DC”

Daniel Cormier will defend his title at next month’s UFC 220 event in Boston. The champion will serve as co-main event under the highly anticipated Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou fight.