Andre Fili Beats Down Dennis Bermudez In Brutal Octagon War | UFC Results

Well, the time has finally come. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is in Charlotte, N.C. tonight, Jan 27, for UFC on FOX 27.

The world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion is hosting the event inside the Spectrum Center for the Charlotte fight fans, with the night’s co-main event now going down inside the center.

Team Alpha Male’s own Andre Fili is going to war with Dennnis Bermudez in tonight’s co-main event. Check out the UFC results from the match up below.

Fili opened the fight with a flurry of strikes that sent the crowd roaring. Bermudez attempted to force Fili to the fence, but the fighter used the fence to his advantage and made his way back to the center of the octagon.

With three minutes left in the opening round, Bermudez forced his opponent to the fence. However, Fili was able to escape the situation once again.

Back in the center of the octagon, Fili began peppering Bermudez with a series of jabs. Fili then landed a swift takedown over his opponent, before allowing the fighter to return to his feet.

In the closing moments of the first round, Fili managed to take his opponent to the canvas once again. It was seemingly a dominant round for the Team Alpha Male warrior.

The second round kicked off at an equally intense pace, as the two fighters entered another exchange in the center of the octagon. After pummeling Bermudez with a series of strikes, Fili made another successful takedown attempt.

The fighter made his way back to his feet and forced Fili into the fence. After a little dirt boxing, Fili made his way back to the center of the octagon.

With two minutes left in the round, Fili continued to punish Bermudez with his jabs. However, Bermudez quickly forced the fighter back into the fence for another exchange of dirty boxing.

Back off of the fence, Fili slammed his opponent into the canvas with yet another takedown.

The final round fired off at a brutal pace. Neither fighter appeared gassed from their intense 10 minute war inside the octagon.

Fili tagged Bermudez with a strong right hand with three minutes left in the fight, before the fighter went in for another takedown attempt. Bermudez forced his opponent back into the fence, but then landed an accidental low blow on Fili.

The fight was momentarily halted by the referee, allowing Fili time to recuperate from the illegal blow. After taking a few moments, Fili announced he was fine to fight and the match returned to the action.

With two minutes left on the clock, the two mixed martial arts warriors pushed themselves to a blistering pace. Bermudez began to walk down his opponent, but Fili retaliated with some brutal counters.

The night’s co-main event has gone the distance.

UFC Results: Andre Fili def. Dennis Bermudez via split decision (29-28, 30-27, 28-29)

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