Brock Lesnar Shows Up To His Kid’s Highschool Game, And He’s All Pissed Off

Brock Lesnar is perhaps one of the most physically intimidating competitors to grace the octagon. A former UFC heavyweight champion, Lesnar put on an illustrious career during his tenure with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Most recently, the mixed martial arts warrior went toe-to-toe with Mark Hunt at UFC 200. However, Lesnar’s three round octagon war with “The Super Samoan” has since been overturned to a no contest.

The former UFC heavyweight champion failed his drug test for the event, leading to the fighter suffering a lengthy suspension. Since then, Lesnar has returned to a professional wrestling career as a WWE superstar.

However, Lesnar was caught visiting his daughter’s volleyball game with his wife Sable. The former UFC heavyweight champion did not appear to be enjoying the experience.

Lesnar was captured by a crowd member at the game in a photo looking irked. Of course, Lesnar could have been attempting an intimidation tactic for the sake of his daughter’s game.

Check it out in the photo below:

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