Cormier Dominates Volkan, Gets The Finish In Round 2 | UFC Results

In the first co-main event of 2018, Daniel Cormier returned to action in defense of his title, against the division’s number one contender Volkan Oezdemir.

In the opening seconds of the first round, Volkan came out throwing heacy shots, and landing. But D.C. shook them off with a smile and tried to clinch to a takedown. He wan’t able to get it, and Volkan circled out to land more shots. Cormier shows little respect for Volkan’s power as he plods forward hands down and swininging. It’s a fire fight right off the bat. Both men swinging.

At the midway point of round 1, the pace slowed as both men seem to have settled into the fight. D.C. for what it’s worth has eaten everything Volkan has thrown at him with little issues it seems. At the same time, Cormier has been unable to get the fight to the mat, but is holding his own on the feet.

With 1 minute left, Cormier hurt Volkan with a big punch and charged forward, But Volkan recovered quick.

With 30 seconds left in round 1, D.C. grabs a single leg, gets the takedown, transitions to back mount, grabs a rear naked choke, and Volkan was saved by the bell. We go to round 2.

In round 2, Cormier didn’t take long to get the fight to the mat. Ge instantly grabbed mount from top position and started landing punches. D.C. is dominating at this point. Goes to mounted crucifix, and is making Volkan pay. The referee stops it and D.C. wins.

UFC Result:
Daniel Cormier def Volkan Oezdemir via TKO, round 2.


Here’s the twitter highlights: