Highlights: Rory MacDonald Bloodied, But Victorious In Title Win Over Champ Douglas Lima | Bellator Results

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Inglewood, Calif. is hosting a series of exciting match ups tonight, Jan. 20. Bellator MMA is inside The Forum for the highly anticipated fight card of Bellator 192. Now the time has finally come for one of the match ups fight fans have been fervently waiting for.

Former UFC title challenger Rory MacDonald is fighting for the Bellator welterweight title in the night’s exhilarating co-main event. Reigning champion Douglas Lima will be looking to keep his winning streak alive, as the title holder is currently riding three consecutive victories. Most recently, the fighter earned a unanimous decision victory over Lorenz Larkin.

Now “Red King” and the Bellator welterweight champion are battling it out inside the cage for the California crowd.

The fight kicked off at a blistering pace, as MacDonald began to walk down his opponent. However, Lima retaliated with a jab that halted his opponent’s offense.

Lima continued to snap MacDonald with a series of jabs, but MacDonald returned fire with a takedown attempt. Lima stuffed the attempt, as the champion was forced against the fence.

The two fighter then entered a clinch war, with MacDonald eventually tripping the title holder to the canvas.

However, Lima was able to nullify much of MacDonald’s ground and pound by securing wrist control over the title challenger. The referee stood the fighters up with only seconds left in the round.

The second round kicked off with Lima landing a strong leg kick on his opponent. MacDonald went on to catch a kick from the fighter, but Lima was able to escape the situation and force MacDonald against the fence.

With half of the round having come to an end, the two mixed martial arts warriors continued their clinch war against the fence until the referee elected to separate the fighters.

Back in the center of the cage, Lima and MacDonald entered an exchange. Lima continued to tag MacDonald with jabs, until the fight was momentarily halted.

MacDonald landed an accidental low blow on the champion, forcing the referee to halt the fight. After giving Lima a moment to recover, the Bellator battle went back underway.

MacDonald quickly went for another takedown, which was stuffed by the champion. The two fighters ended the round in a clinch war, with MacDonald landing a knee to the body of Lima just before the sound of the bell.

Round three opened up with MacDonald shooting for another takedown. However, Lima was able to stuff the attempt. The two fighters then entered the clinch against the fence. With three minutes left on the clock, MacDonald managed to trip his opponent to the mat.

Lima pulled the fighter into his guard and established wrist control. After some inactivity on the mat, the referee elected to stand the fighters up.

Lima then managed to drop MacDonald with a leg kick. The champion then followed the title challenger to the canvas, entering MacDonald’s guard. From there, Lima began pummeling the fighter with vicious ground and pound until the sound of the round ending bell.

MacDonald opened the fourth round with yet another takedown attempt. However, Lima was able to reverse the position and throw the title challenger to the mat. Getting the mount position, Lima began pummeling away at MacDonald with brutal strikes.

MacDonald managed to get the champion into his half-guard, however, Lima continued to land his ground and pound. After a moment of inactivity, the referee stood the fighters up once again.

MacDonald quickly rushed Lima against the fence, entering the clinch once more. MacDonald then managed to get Lima to the ground with a takedown, entering the champion’s full guard.

“Red King” began landing some ground and pound of his own, before Lima managed to obtain wrist control over his opponent. The two fighters ended the round on the mat.

MacDonald and Lima kicked off the final round at a swift pace, as MacDonald managed to get the champion to the canvas early on.

From Lima’s full guard, MacDonald began to rain down some ground and pound. With two minutes left in the fight, the two welterweight warriors continued to battle it out on the canvas.

MacDonald managed to finish the round in the dominant position over the title holder. This one has gone the distance.

Bellator Results: Rory MacDonald def. Douglas Lima via unanimous decision

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