EA UFC 3 Has A New “Touch Butt In The Park Mode”

As the UFC and EA sports gear up for the release of EA UFC 3, more and more details are coming out about the latest title in the hit video game series. Including an all new touch butt mode.

Touch butt, is the name Nate Diaz gave Conor McGregor’s unusual training routine with his movement coach Idol Portal.

It happened at their first press-conference for their first fight. Nate Diaz told Conor McGregor that he plays, ‘Touch butt in the park with dorks’.

That term has forever stuck with fight fans, and become part of the Nate Diaz legacy.

So much so that apparently the game developers opted to include the training mode in the new game title.

A screen shot was leaked out earlier this morning on it.

Check it out: