Eddie Alvarez Describes What A Conor McGregor Knockout Blow Feels Like

Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez suffered a tough end to his title when the fighter faced a TKO loss to UFC superstar Conor McGregor at UFC 205. Now the former title holder has decided to come forward with his thoughts on the tough TKO defeat.

Former UFC lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez.

Alvarez talked about fighting McGregor in an interview with Luke Thomas on his radio show, as heard in the video above.

Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier.

“There is a freedom in having your worst nightmare come true,” Alvarez said about his fight with McGregor.

Former UFC champ Eddie Alvarez at the weigh in.

“I got punched pretty hard one minute into the fight. There isn’t anything to make sense of. I feel like a lot of people, fans and media, try to make sense of the whole thing. It’d be the same as a guy living a great life walks across the street and gets hit by a bus. Now, let’s make sense of that. Why did he get hit by the bus? It’s foolish!”

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