Ferguson Goes Dark, Promises Violent Bloody Beatdown Of Khabib Inside 3 Rounds

This new Tony Ferguson rants is rated R, for adults only, because it is a violent, profanity filled fight prediction full of graphic details of Tony’s plans for his upcoming opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The UFC lightweight title or interim title fight (we don’t really know what this fight is for) is scheduled for the main event of April’s UFC 223 event.

It is by far one of the most intriguing title fights in all of UFC lightweight history.

Tony Ferguson is on a 10 fight winning streak and he’s beaten everyone the division has to offer pretty convincingly.

On the other side of the cage will stand a completely unbeaten, 25-0 Khabib Nurmagomedov, the odds favorite to win the fight.

In a new interview with The MMA Hour, Tony Ferguson became unhinged when breaking down the bout, and he’s predicting that Khabib goes down somewhere between rounds 1 and 3, and in a bloody mess to boot.

Here’s his full statement:

“I get hit for a certain reason, I want people to use their energy against me. But, for Khabib, that bitch is not going to touch me. Not one time.”

“I’m going to dance circles around this kid. I’m going to hit him with some nasty fucking uppercuts that’s going to make him think twice about shooting in on me.”

Im going to hit him with some other things too, that’s going to fucking cut him up.”

“Have you ever seen Khabib cut in a fight? I’m Mexican and I got some fucking sharp ass blades on my elbows.”

“That bitch better think twice about fucking showing his face in front of me. Especially inside that cage.

“Give me his fucking face, I’ll hit you with me knee. I’m going to leave you fucking bloody, inside of round 1 through 3.”

“Come after me, ‘El Cucuy’? Fuck it dude, I’m going to wipe the mat with that hat.”

“Khabib is going down, I’m going to derail that hype train and that time is now.”