Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His Woman For The First And Only Time

Boxing star Floyd Mayweather has a life that most people dream of. Mayweather is considered one of, if not the greatest boxer to ever step foot in the ring, and certainly the highest paid of all time.

With his success both inside and outside of the ring Floyd always surrounds himself with the best of everything, and he’s the same way when it comes to who he chooses to be in relationships with. Liza Hernandez has spent a lot of time with Mayweather and has seen other sides to the star that not many others have.

Hernandez used to be one of former Lakers owner Jerry Buss’ girlfriends. Hernandez also has a long list of celebrities and athletes which she’s been previously linked to. However, dating the undefeated Floyd Mayweather has to be quite the feather in her cap.

Check out this rare video (Above) detailing Floyd Mayweather’s relationship with Liza Hernandez.