Gina Carano Explains Why Sex Is just Like Cage Fighting

Gina Carano is a legend in the mixed martial arts world. A pioneer for women’s MMA, as well as an accomplished actress and model, Carano has put on a storied career through the years. Now the former fighter has gone onto TBS’s Conan to explain how cage fighting is related to sex.

Former MMA female Gina Carano posing.

Carano compiled an impressive record of 7-1 in her mixed martial arts career, having been defeated by now reigning UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg in her Strikeforce debut. Speaking to television show host Conan O’ Brien, Carano compared cage fighting to sex.

“If you think about it, it is a very real interaction between two human beings.” Carano said. “It’s an energy. You have an energy and I have energy and it’s an energy that nobody else is going to share.”

Hollywood star, Gina Carano.

Check out Carano’s full explanation in the video below:

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