The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast: Top 15 Guests

Joe Rogan is earning some big money with his hit podcast "The Jose Rogan Experience"

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast: Top 15 Guests

Joe Rogan has been the voice of the UFC for years. The actor, comedian and MMA commentator is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Rogan hosts a podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” where he talks about past, present and future UFC fights with guest commentators and fighters.

The Joe Rogan Experience is also a treasure trove of information, which Joe usually scoops by inviting interesting guests related to whatever area of expertise, but usually it revolves around UFC stars and other science experts.

Best Joe Rogan Podcasts

Many of his guests have appeared on his podcast more than once, but those are also some of his most insightful interviews since they go into great depth in whatever they discuss. Here is the Top Ten Best Joe Rogan Podcasts and his best guests (ranked in no specific order).

Brendan Schaub

1: Brendan Schaub is a retired UFC fighter that usually joins Joe in his podcast to comment on UFC fights and stars. He’s also a regular guest, along with his good friend Bryan Callen. In this specific episode, they discuss the recent boxing match between boxing star Floyd Mayweather and UFC champion Conor McGregor.

Matt Serra

2: Matt Serra is a former UFC Welterweight Champion and the first American to receive a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt from the hands of Renzo Gracie. Whatever the topic, its always fun to hear Matt and Joe discuss.

Ronda Rousey

3: Ronda Rousey was the first UFC women’s champion. With Tarverdyan in her corner she managed to defend her belt six times before losing to Holly Holm, and most recently. Amanda Nunes. This was a very interesting interview that was conducted when she was still the most dominant UFC women’s champion in the world. One of the best JRE episodes.

Josh Barnett

4: Josh Barnett is a UFC heavyweight competitor and former champion. It’s hard not to laugh your butt off with every appearance he’s had on the podcast. Barnett will discuss everything from MMA, training, to cars and death metal on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Demetrious Johnson

5: Demetrious Johnson is the first and current Flyweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is also the #1 pound for pound UFC fighter in the world. Joe lets him guide the conversation through his fight expertise.

Miesha Tate

6: Miesha Tate is a pioneer in women’s MMA, and former UFC bantamweight champion. This podcast featured some serious conversation about passion and fulfillment. At approximately the first hour of the interview, Joe actually cries recalling the post-fight interview with Miesha the night she won the women’s bantamweight championship belt.

Jon Jones

7: Jon Jones is a two-time former Light Heavyweight Champion of the UFC. The recent controversy surrounding him and his failed steroid test have cost him the title and made his fighting future uncertain. A lot of this is discussed during is appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Maybe the best Joe Rogan podcast featuring a UFC fighter.

Donald Cerrone

8: Donald Cerrone is a professional mixed martial artist and former professional kickboxer currently competing in the UFC’s welterweight division. The fighter has developed a fan base due to his strong personality outside of the cage, as well as his obvious gift inside of it. It’s funny watching the back and forth between these two about a great variety of topics. Cerrone is one of the most down to earth fighters you’ll ever hear.

Tim Kennedy

9: Tim Kennedy is a Special Forces operator and professional mixed martial artist who competed in the UFC’s Middleweight division. Kennedy is a legit war hero and was one of the top ranked middleweight in the world for many years.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick

10: Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health.  Even though she’s not a UFC fighter, she always brings important MMA-related nutrition advice to the podcast.  Patrick has been a guest on the show four times.

Bas Rutten

11: Bas Rutten is full of great stories, an interesting character to listen to. He’s one of the pioneers of mixed martial arts and has some of the best street fighting stories you’ll ever hear. Bas explains to Joe some of his health problems and how he handles them everyday.

Dana White

12: Dana White is the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and one of the most influential people in combat sports. White has worked with Rogan since the early days of the UFC and the two have watched the company grow to a multi billion dollar entity. Check out one of the best Joe Rogan podcast episodes featuring the UFC boss.

Chael Sonnen

13: Chael Sonnen is a former UFC middleweight title challenger and one of the biggest personalities in mixed martial arts. Sonnen has participated in some of the most legendary feuds in UFC history, including his two fights against UFC legend Anderson Silva.  Chael’s appearnce was certainly one of the top Joe Rogan Podcasts.

Eddie Bravo

14: Eddie Bravo is the founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, a grappling system dedicated to developing no gi grappling techniques for MMA. However, Bravo is also one Joe Rogan’s closest friends and is who gave him his 10th Planet black belt. Eddie goes all in on everything from the UFC, to his strong opinion on conspiracy theories on one of the best Rogan podcasts.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

15: Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist, and author. Neil’s knowledge comes in handy when he makes his appearance on the podcast, especially with the common theme of conspiracy theories being a normal topic of discussion. Tyson’s appearance is on many peoples best Joe Rogan podcast list.

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