Does This Leaked Miesha Tate Weight Cutting Photo Explain Her Retirement Decision?

As more and more fighters speak out about the UFC’s new early morning weigh-in policy, one unknown side-effect is if the UFC’s weight cutting procedures inadvertently lead to Miesha Tate’s sudden retirement.

In her last two UFC appearances, the top UFC female star was seen struggling on the scales, even needing a towel to hit her contracted weight.

In her last fight, Miesha was again dominated and retired right there on the spot, never looking back.

This day and age, we’ve come to learn that the UFC’s new policy has seen a record number of missed weights, unlike anytime in UFC history.

Most recently, Uriah Hall suffered a seizure and heart attack while trying to make weight for his most recent fight against Vitor Belfort.

So when we circle this back to Miesha Tate, and see her in complete agony in this behind-the-scenes photo, it really makes you wonder.

Check it out: