Mirko Cro Cop Is Raging Mad At Joe Rogan, Over Recent Comments

Longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan is a man of many talents. With a hugely successful podcast of his own, the massive fight fan is often talking to mixed martial artists on his show if not inside the octagon itself. However, it would appear that former UFC competitor and kickboxing phenom Mirko Cro Cop has no interest in ever joining the color-commentator on his highly acclaimed podcast.

Speaking on a recent Vlog, the kickboxing phenom offered some heated words concerning Joe Rogan. Check out a translation of the statement below:

“He angered me, you know, he’s so rude, X times they grab me, start with something positive and then turn to something negative. First they talked that I was carrying millions of dollars in suitcases from Japan, which is physically impossible, I was watching like ‘wtf they are talking about, are they crazy?’ Then someone who was with him on the podcast said that he was in some kind of a vault and saw it. What vault, man? That was never practice in Pride. I mean, to talk about something like that, I don’t even want to mention the other things he talked about me! He always, always has something to tell… his hair would grow back if I’d slap him, don’t even think about the podcast. He was very, very dear to me, but now his on embargo (ban) for me.”

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